Directory Terms & Conditions

EUFC Business Directory Terms and Conditions – Revision: 1.0 2019

The EUFC Business Directory is intended to be an exclusive offering for Ellenbrook United F.C. Members who have a business providing goods and services to advertise on the club website for other club members and supporters to use. The intention is that this initiative raises funds for Ellenbrook United F.C. with the intent to assist our members sell their services.
The EUFC Business Directory is not exclusive to an individual business or trade, there may be more than one common trade or goods and services listed (Eg. More that one carpentry service, finance broker, property agent, merchant etc.).
The terms and conditions (T&C’s) also being the “agreement” set out forthwith are applicable until such time an amendment or update of terms is published or provided to you, otherwise these terms supersede any other terms and conditions set within Ellenbrook United F.C. in relation to the EUFC business directory (EBD)

The agreement is between you “The Business / Company” the “Advertiser”
and Ellenbrook United F.C. (inc.) “EUFC, The Club”. The T&C’s are to ensure you have the right to advertise your business on the EBD and both you and EUFC comply with the process.

1. Qualifying to advertise

1.1. To qualify your business or company to advertise on the EBD you must be at least one of the
– A fully paid player member in the year of advertising
– Be a parent or legal guardian of a fully paid junior member in the year of advertising
– Be a spouse of a fully paid member in the year of advertising

1.2. A business or company can be
– A sole trader
– Small, Medium to Large Business
– Tradesperson
– Professional

1.3. Your business must also have a registered ABN or ACN1.4. You must be an Authorised Signatory that can approve the advertising on the EBD and payment to

1.5. EUFC has the discretion to accept or decline any application that may or may not comply with the qualification credentials

2. Duration of Advert

2.1. Your advert will be listed and made accessible on the website and any other
associated website, e-mails, newsletters, social pages and print media EUFC chooses form time to
time for the term as paid for by the advertiser

2.2. Terms are annual unless paid upfront for multiple years. Annual term means a calendar year (January
1 – December 31).

2.3. Advertising will cease on the 31 December of that year unless

2.3.1. Upfront multiple years have been purchased

2.3.2. A renewal has been purchased

2.3.3. Or until the term of advertising ceases without renewal

2.4. EUFC have the right to cease adverts before the 31 December should the advertiser leave the club
within the agreement term, not comply with the T&C’s or brings the club into disrepute contravening
the clubs values and code of conduct. (Full details see

3. Payment Terms

3.1. Payment is made at time of application for the full term stated

3.2. No refunds will be administered for advertises no longer wanting to advertise, change of mind,
grievance, errors and or omissions or for any other reasons.

3.3. The advertiser will be emailed to the provided email address a TAX receipt with the item of
Sponsorship for the amount paid.

4. Responsibility of the advertiser

4.1. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to
i. Complete the online application form
ii. Ensure all details and art work are correct
iii. Pay all fees due
iv. Notify the club for any amendment to the details or artwork advertised (eg. Change in business
address or contact number during the agreement term)
v. Follow-up Accept or decline potential queries/leads from potential customers

5. Responsibility of Ellenbrook United F.C.

5.1. It is the responsibility of EUFC to
I. Ensure the business/company details provided to EUFC are listed in the EBD for the term of the
agreement as paid by the advertiser
II. Promote the EBD to all members, supporters of EUFC

5.2. EUFC are not responsible for
I. The content the advertiser provides EUFC on the application
II. The interaction between the advertiser and its end customer
III. Any payments or money owed for goods or services the advertiser has negotiated or sold to an
end customer IV. The amount of enquires or sales to potential customers

6. Cancellation

6.1. You can cancel the obligation of advertising at any time by providing 30 days’ notice to the cub via email

6.2. Refunds are not applicable to a business that is to cancel the agreement early.

6.3. No penalties apply to either party for early cancellation

6.4. EUFC have the right to cancel should any fees or charges of any kind are outstanding by the signatory to EUFC
6.5. All other default cancellations are applicable referring to section 2.3, 2.4 and 3.2