NPL Payments

NPL Payments

NPL registration fees for 2021 is $820.

  • You have two options available to pay your fees.
Pay in full On the PlayFootball website, click “Pay Online” and follow the checkout process to complete your registration.
Pay at club On the PlayFootball website, select “Pay at Club” and you will be sent an FFA invoice. Select this option
  • if you think you will qualify for a KidSport Voucher (see if you qualify at the KidSport “Information for Parents” page)
  • If you have paid a deposit or early upfront payment via EFT direct to EUFC’s account.
  • If you would like to apply to pay your fees via a payment plan.


Enabling WA children to participate in community sport and recreation.  KidSport enables eligible Western Australian children aged 5-18 years to participate in community sport and recreation by offering them financial assistance towards club fees. Please click the link to go to the KidSport funding application page.

Payment Plan


Prior to completing the payment plan subscription, it is important you understand the terms in which you enter the payment plan agreement

By entering a payment plan YOU AGREE to fulfilling the obligation of completing the payment plan as set out in the payment subscription. It is your obligation to ensure funds are available in the account you have nominated to have payments withdrawn.
Payments must be completed in full regardless of change of personal situation such as but not limited to; injury preventing further participation, leaving the club, change of mind or any and other situation or circumstance that may arise

Ellenbrook United have the right to:
Request full remaining payment upfront for fees that have missed the payment schedule deadline are in arrears.
Suspend a player from training and game day until due payments are made.
Suspend or expel a player indefinitely that has missed payment.
No refund of part fees paid will be issued to players that have ceased training and/or playing, leave the club or have been suspended during payment plan period.

Entering a payment plan attracts additional fees and charges included in the monthly payment
If you do not agree with the above DO NOT COMPLETE THE PAYMENT PLAN SUBSCRIPTION