Wear the Badge with Pride


Your Behaviour Is Our Reputation”

In 2017 EUFC will be commencing a campaign that we believe will take the Club into a class of its own.  The Campaign is aptly named “Wear the Badge with Pride – Your behaviour is our reputation”.  The Campaign is aimed at clearly identifying and dealing with any unacceptable behaviour around the club, whilst focusing on rewarding excellence in sportsmanship and integrity.  We believe this strategy will set our club apart from others as we strive to have the most revered reputation in WA Football.

The Wear the Badge with Pride initiative stems from Football Federation Australia’s Code of Conduct, which sets standards of behaviour for all players.  It emphasizes the need for individuals to respect teammates, opponents and referees.

The campaign reiterates that the same level of respect and support must also be evident on the sidelines through parents and spectators.

The initiative aims to continue growth and satisfaction at all levels.

The club’s initiative aligns with the ongoing Football West RESPECT campaign.

The campaign has three key strategies shaped around the EUFC Values that seek to encourage excellence amongst players, parents and supporters.

The EUFC Values are

  • Effort/Enthusiasm
  • Uniformity and Team Play
  • Fairness Respect and Leadership
  • Competitiveness

Strategy 1 – The EUFC Player of the Year

Register for Player of the Year

At EUFC we expect all players to play the EUFC way and this extends far beyond the things you do with the ball at your feet. It means strictly complying with the Club’s Code of Conduct at all times, playing your best and strictly adhering to the EUFC Values.

In 2017 all teams will be required to submit player of the year votes in accordance with the EUFC Values. The EUFC player of the year voting system places a substantial focus on a player’s behaviour, attitude to the game, ability to follow instructions, ability to respect others and generally, their ability to bring credit to themselves and the EUFC playing group. The 2017 EUFC player of the year and EUFC player of the year runner up will be the players who amass the most EUFC player of the year points under the voting system. See attached voting sheet for more information and the terms and conditions.

Strategy 2 – The EUFC Team of the Year

Register for Team of the Year

Be the EUFC Team of the Year and win a $750 cash prize.

Each week the Football West referee or opposing Team Coordinator will be asked to assign points to the team based on the behaviour of the team, coaching staff and support group. The rating given by the referee will be judged on the EUFC Values. 

  • Effort/Enthusiasm

  • Uniformity and Team Play

  • Fairness Respect and Leadership

  • Competitiveness

At the conclusion of the season, the team with the most Team of the Year points will be named EUFC Team of the year and will receive a cash prize and commemorative trophy.

Red Zone

If a Team receives an assessment in the RED ZONE (-3,-4,-5 points) the Team will be reported to the Executive Committee and the Team Coach will be required to respond to the rating. Consistent ratings the RED ZONE may result in the Team being withdrawn from the competition.

Strategy 3 – Penalties and Infringement Notices

If you don’t wear the badge with pride there will be consequences!

Breaches of the Code of Conduct will result in consequences. You may –

  • Be required to apologise to your Team, the Coach, the Referee, the other Club or the Executive Committee.
  • Receive a written warning or infraction notice from the Executive Committee.
  • Be required to serve a suspension.
  • Be fined or receive an infringement notice.
  • Be expelled from the Club.

All club members are encouraged to report bad behaviour to the Executive Committee via an email message to wearthebadgewithpride@eufc.org.au

In response to a complaint, infringement notices may be issued by the Executive Committee.  The penalties are listed below.

Minor Offence $10.00 One off abuse of an official, opposing team or players.
    Attempting to influence a referee or linesman’s decision.
    Criticising players or the referee.
    Unsportsmanlike conduct.
Repeat Minor Offence $25.00 Any subsequent minor offence that occurs within the same calendar year.
Serious Offence $50.00 Seriously offensive language towards an official.
    Threatening behaviour.
    Behaviour that requires the intervention of a club or match official.
     Minor offences that repeatedly occur throughout a single game.
    Using social media to bully or harass.



EUFC Values

Code of Conduct

EUFC Team of the Year

EUFC Player of the Year

Infringement Examples