Women’s Football

Women’s Football

With the Women’s World Cup just around the corner, it’s a great time to be in women’s football and the right time to become involved in the growth of Women’s Football at Ellenbrook United FC.

After a top 4 finish for season 2020, the ladies of EUFC are pushing for movement into the State or Amateur leagues. Not only will this bring opportunity for talented players to get quality coaching and play a high level of football, it also means your home grounds are the best in Perth with the best club facilities as well.  Our synthetic pitches and amenities are world class

Ellenbrook United FC are also inviting ladies interested in a more social game of football to attend the open training sessions to be considered for our second women’s team.  Ellenbrook United FC are an all-inclusive club for players of all skills and abilities and the growth of Football at all levels is important to us.

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Open Sessions for Women's Football for season 2021 is now OPEN

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